Homeshare & Shared Lives

In collaboration with Elderventure, Active and in Touch and Health Connections, Fair Housing for Frome is setting up a Homeshare scheme in Frome.

The idea of Homeshare is that an older person may start to struggle to stay living in their own home and might avoid having to move to a care home by having someone living with them, giving support.

Homeshare mediators interview the person to find out exactly what sort of person might suit them and then find a sharer, introduce them, help to make a clear agreement and generally keep an eye on the situation.

The idea of Shared Lives is that a person who is finding it difficult to cope on their own, maybe a young homeless adult, a person with special needs or an older person,  is ‘fostered’ by a family, usually on a temporary basis. We are planning a version of this that might be called ‘Home from Hospital’ where an older person, who has been in hospital, becomes a guest of a Shared Lives family while they convalesce. This would free up hospital beds, take the pressure off the social care system and also introduce the older person to shared living so they might give Homeshare a try when they return back to their own home.