Dragon Dreaming Workshop

3rd November 2018 – with Daniel Körner in Frome.

Dragon Dreaming is a model of how organisations can work collaboratively on projects. It energises the team by respecting and valuing everyone’s input and has great methods of avoiding many of the dynamics that make a group dysfunctional. Daniel, who will run this workshop, is an inspiring facilitator from Vienna who lives what he teaches.

Dragon Dreaming was developed by an Australian visionary, John Croft,  who used wisdom from indigenous people and modern psychology to develop a toolkit and a model of group working underpinned by a philosophy in which the individual, the project and the environment are equally valued

.If you want to read more, go to their website at www.dragondreaming.org   As they say there:

” [The world is in] a triple “E crisis”, one of “Energy Depletion”, “Economic Crisis” in world finances, and “Environmental Collapse”, climate change and biodiversity loss…. People everywhere recognise that we need to change.    But our everyday lives are built upon and escalate the coming triple E crisis and our future ecological suicide.   But how can we do it?  How can we change?

There is an African proverb; “if you want to go fast you go alone.  If you want to go far you go together”.  But given the interlocking problem described above, we need to go fast and we need to go far.  How do we go alone and together at the same time.  Dragon Dreaming shows us how.”

The workshop is suitable for everyone and especially those involved in voluntary and community interest organisations.

Cost: £50 (discounts may be available, see our fair fees policy)

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