Community Workshops

Dragon Dreaming

3rd November – One Day workshop with Daniel Körner

Dragon Dreaming is a model of how organisations can work collaboratively on projects. It energises the team by respecting and valuing everyone’s input and has great methods of avoiding many of the dynamics that make a group dysfunctional. Daniel, who will run this workshop, is an inspiring facilitator who lives what he teaches. The workshop is suitable for everyone and especially those involved in voluntary and community interest organisations.

It costs £50 but if we have enough participants to pay Daniel and venue then we can give discount rates to people who are keen but can’t afford it.

More information on Dragon Dreaming

Growing Weeds

A workshop on collaborative leadership in community, based on the model of the 8-shields –

Date to be arranged – with Joana Esteves, Liz Parker, Neil Oliver and Bill Palmer

A workshop demonstrating joined up community and collaborative leadership

The Eight Shields is a model of how human communities could live in a way that values all skills and all ages. The workshop is structured to follow this model as it is led by a group rather than a single person. Each member of the facilitating group has their area of responsibility within the workshop which corresponds to a stage in life.

In our experience, this is a unique experience for participants as well as giving inspiration to people of all ages about how they could be valued and empowered within community.

Cost: £100

More information on Collaborative Leadership

Inner Qigong for all Ages –

Weekly Class every Wednesday morning from 8:30-9:30 with Teresa Hadland and Bill Palmer

The model of Inner Qigong is that our bodies are a community and that the way we treat ourselves affects how we treat others in our community. By learning to listen to your inner body one can develop a deeper way of listening to other people, however different they are to you.

Cost: By donation.

More information about Inner Qigong

Enquiries and Bookings

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Some bursary places may be available in all courses according to our fair fees policy below. To book write to

FairFees Policy

We will try to give places to people who are really keen on attending each course irrespective of their ability to pay, but this does depend on there being enough paying participants to cover the workshop leaders’ fee and the cost of the venue. Elderventure will not require any administration fee, although if there is a surplus we will accept it gratefully.

If you want to attend a course but really can’t afford the fee, please do ask for a bursary. We will talk to you about alternative methods of payment, for instance paying in instalments or paying by exchange of work and if neither of those is practical will give you a place on the bursary list. The bursary list is a waiting list – if there are enough participants paying the full fee to cover costs then we will give places to people on the list at substantially reduced cost.